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High Clarity BOPP bags High Clarity BOPP bags

BOPP Bags have an air and moisture barrier which keeps food fresher longer. BOPP bags are ideal for packaging items such as coffee, biscuits confectionary, spices, dried foods ect. We carry the following sizes in stock. We can also custom make to your requirements including printing. Email us at or phone 1300 855 571 with your enquiry and we will reply super fast!!
Item CodeDetailsSpecificationsQuantities / PriceQuantity 
PPBO09012050 1000 per carton 90mm wide x 120mm length x 50um BOPP 1000+ $79.8
5000+ $71.9 /1000
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PPB09018050 1000 per carton 90mm wide x 180mm length x 50um clear BOPP 1000+ $83.1
5000+ $74.8 /1000
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PPBO12520050 1000 per carton 125mm wide x 200mm length x 50um clear BOPP 1000+ $100.8
5000+ $90.8 /1000
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PPBO14024050 1000 per carton 150mm wide x 230mm length x 50um clear BOPP 1000+ $119.5
5000+ $107.6 /1000
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PPBO18030050 1000 per carton 180mm wide x 300mm length x 50um clear BOPP 1000+ $156.3
5000+ $140.7 /1000
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PPBO18036050 1000 per carton 180mm wide x 360mm length x 50um clear BOPP 1000+ $176
5000+ $158.4 /1000
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