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Carry Bags, Promotional Carry Bags, Flexiloop

Recyclable poly bags are the most economical way to pack all sorts of goods from textiles, clothing products, food, produce, carton liners, covers, protectors, archival, dust extraction and more. Our plastic bags are manufactured from 100% recyclable virgin/ food grade LDPE. All of our poly bags bags are 100% recyclable and can be heat sealed, closed, or tied off. We carry the following plastic bag sizes in stock, in varying sizes, & thickness. We can also offer custom made poly bags to your specific requirements. Email us at or phone 1300 855 571 with your enquiry and we will reply super fast! Because we are the custom Made & Short Run Specialists

Mobility and convenience with Pinpak Carry Bags

Carry bags are very popular among supermarkets and malls these days. This is because packaging is an essential aspect in the sale of products. The right look for your carry bags make it becomes a marketing tool that attracts more customers and prospects.

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