What Are The Different Types Of Packaging?

Packaging is used to protect many different products in the market for sale, use or storage. 

In general, packaging refers to the process behind the design, evaluation and production of packages. 

Some of the common packaging options include cartons, boxes, bottles, cans, wrappers, containers or envelopes. 

There is an increase in the demand for packaging so many companies have been forced to look for ways and techniques to sell their products with better packaging. 

The best quality and strongest types of packaging will protect the products from damage but should also grab the attention of the final customer. 

Here are the various types of packaging you should know about. 

1.Paper And Carton Packaging 

It’s used for different types of products such as toys, food, electronics, kitchenware, shoes and much more. 

Packaging companies producing paper and carton packaging also produce wrapping paper, sheets, inflated paper, tubes, boxes, interlayers, pallets, corners and many other custom protective systems. 

Of course, in the case of carton packaging, the carton is cut and modelled to protect and fix the final product. 

Note that, paper packaging can be used to laminate other materials to make them stronger.

For instance, there is an anticorrosive paper that can be used to wrap goods or laminate other materials. 

2.Film Packaging 

Here, many types of films are used for packaging purposes. 

Some of the commonly used ones include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polyolefin and polypropylene (PP). 

These packaging films usually come on a roll and can be used to cover or wrap goods and protect boxes. 

They can also be used to make other packaging products such as sheets, bubble wrap, tubes and bags. Mostly, films are used for lamination purposes. 

They can be antistatic, anticorrosive, non-shrinkable or shrinkable, slippery or non-slippery depending on your packaging needs. 


Foam used for packaging purposes is produced in sheets or rolls of different thicknesses. 

It is used for making bags, wrapping goods, edges, corners and custom packaging systems. 

For instance, the edges and corners are mostly used to protect flat glass, sharp edges and furniture. 

Note that, the foam can be modelled and cut to fit the product’s shape thus fixing and protecting it. 

Foam is one of the best packaging materials because of the numerous benefits such as antistatic features and excellent insulation features. 

4.Textile Packaging 

Some goods can only be protected using textile packaging. 

For instance, the automotive industry uses textile insertions to protect different car parts during transportation. 

Here, the textile insert will be designed around a metal frame that fits perfectly into a metal container. 

Textile material can also be used for box covers for the best packaging results. 

5.Plastic Boxes And Containers 

There are different types of plastic boxes and containers that are used in various industries for packaging purposes. 

For instance, in the food industry, plastic containers are used for packaging yoghurt, tomato sauce, juices and milk. 

On the other hand, plastic reusable boxes are used for transportation of goods. They are easy to stack and fold when empty to save space when recycled. 

6.Adhesive Tape 

This can also be considered as packaging material as it is used to seal boxes. 

This is made out of PP or PE film with solvent or acrylic glue applied to allow printing. Strapping tapes are usually applied on pallets and boxes. 

These are made out of PP and PE film as well and can be printed with one colour depending on your packaging needs.

In summary, choosing the right packaging material is very important. It protects your goods and can also be used for advertising. 

Therefore, depending on your products, take the time to find the right packaging materials from the list above.

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