Why Polythene LDPE Poly Bags Are the No. 1 Plastic Bag Option

Plastic may be amongst the most prevalent materials in the modern world, but we need to recognise not all plastics are the same. The most popular plastic type is Low Density Polyethylene (or LDPE) and its most common product is polythene LDPE poly bag.

According to Ceresna’s market study of polyethylene, global revenues from LDPE products:

  • Reached almost US$33 billion in 2013
  • Increased under US$11 billion from total revenues enjoyed in 2009
  • Are expected to increase annual manufacturing and sales to about 1.5% until 2021

At PinPak, we offer a wide range of bags made from the highest quality LDPE, which satisfy and surpass manufacturing standards and environmental regulations that strictly regulate the sector. As one of the leading suppliers of polythene LDPE poly bags in Australia, we are well-placed to inform you:

  • How practical this plastic is
  • Why it is superior from other alternatives

What Is LDPE Plastic?

ldpe poly bags

As mentioned already, LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylene, arguably the most popular form of everyday-used plastic. You’ll recognise it as small transparent bags you pack or wrap food in, but there are several uses.

Reasons behind the popularity of polythene LDPE poly bags are hardly surprising. This type of plastic can be both highly durable and extremely flexible, ideal for a dramatically eclectic range of uses, despite its

  • Lightness
  • Transparency
  • Microscopic thickness

 Some LDPE plastic categories include:

  • Adhesives
  • Clear plastic storage bags
  • Interior coating for milk cartons and paper coffee cups
  • Flexible food containers – squeezable honey, jam
  • Food container lids
  • Sealants
  • Cling Film/Shrink wrap (Glad Wrap)
  • Toys
  • Wire coverings

Superior Flexibility and Resistance

poly bag to keep magazine

A key reason for the popularity of LDPE is its ability to marry flexibility and resistance. With flexibility, this plastic can be:

  • Manufactured thinly to make Glad wrap
  • Durable enough to make tough food containers

So, when it comes to polythene LDPE poly bags, different foods and substances can be stored safely. It is extremely resistant to:

  • A vast majority of diluted and concentrated acids and bases
  • Substances like vegetable oils and aldehydes, such as fragrance oils and some disinfectants

Of course, it has its weaknesses too, and fails to impress when mixed with some mineral oils and oxidizing agents, like household bleach.

Environmental Benefits

Plastic may be widely recognized for its negative impact on the environment, but polythene LDPE poly bags boast a better disintegration rate than most alternatives, including HDPE (high density polyethylene).

LDPE plastics are also recycled frequently, with EPA reckoning that:

  • As much as 5.7% of products made with the material were recycled in the US in 2010
  • Of the almost 2 million tonnes of LDPE and LLPDE items manufactured that year, 112,000 tonnes were recovered

Recovery rate continues to grow yearly, as:

  • Environmental awareness increases
  • Recycling habits improve

With an endless array of products to make from this type of recycled plastic, opting for LDPE is ultimately better for the environment.

The PinPak Polyethylene Range

At PinPak, we provide an extensive 44-item product range of clear and opaque polythene LDPE poly bags suited to almost every purpose. The range of dimensions serves essential purposes like:

  • Small food storage
  • Packing frozen foods, confectionary and fresh produce
  • Protective covering for magazines, books and documents

All of our bags are manufactured from 100% recyclable virgin LDPE, and completely safe for food storage. They are 100% recyclable and offer heat sealed, closed or tied-off closing options. Also, our polythene LDPE poly bags can be made to custom requirements, with company logos printed on them.

For more information on the range of polythene LDPE poly bags we have available, you can email us at info@pinpak.com.au or call us on 1300 855 571.