• Decades of Flexo Printing Experience
  • Flexographic 8 colour (CI – Central Impression)
  • Variety of substrates (LD, HD, CPP, BOPP, Paper)
  • Entire process handled by us
    • Design / Artwork advice
    • Pre-Press / Artwork Prep
    • Printing Plates
    • Ink mixing and colour matching
    • Film selection and advice
    • Finished Products
    • Bag Converting or printed rewind
      • Single individual bags
      • Perforated Bags on Rolls (BOR)
      • Bags on Wickets
  • Variable run size
    • Commercial
    • Short runs
    • Mixed Runs
    • Reverse print and slitting


Print Plate Mounting

Printing Plates are mounted on a cylindrical sleeve. Then we use a special plate mounting machine with two magnifying cameras for precise registration of micro dots, and alignment of each colour.

*We can organize plates for your convenience through our dedicated platemaker..

Ink Mixing

Inks are mixed and colour matched with solvents and various additives to the correct specification and viscosity for each print run & job type

  • Colour Matching /Pantone colours
  • Single colour/spot colour/full colour
  • Specialty Inks incl. Metallic colours,
  • Light fast UV grade, Overprint Varnish

Unwind Infeed

Film feeds through a series of rollers and an infeed web guide keeps film tracking true. Tension settings prevents any slackness than can cause wrinkling, misregistration or web breaks.

Enclosed Doctor Blade Inking System

Enclosed ink chamber fills with ink, transferring it onto the anilox roll. Any excess ink is removed by the doctor blades. The ink cycles in and out of the enclosed chambers during the print run.

Inking Anilox Roller

Each anilox roller contains microscopic cells which carry a thin layer of ink from the inking system onto the printing plates. Anilox rollers have different cell/line counts which are specified depending on each job – from dense ink laydown of solid print to fine reverses and vignettes.

Printing Plates and Sleeves

Print stations containing each color are positioned around the CI drum ready to ‘Set the Impression’

Tight registration and sharp printed images are applied to the film as it passes between each print station..


Freshly printed film winds through a heat station where overhead heat tunnels rapidly dry the ink.

Outfeed / Rewind

The film rewinds onto a roll ready for bag converting!