Food Safe Packaging? We’ve got you covered!

Food Safety & Quality

  • HACCP certified
  • 100% Virgin Materials
  • Food regulation raw materials
  • GMPs
  • Food Safety Program
  • Quality Management Program
  • Clean, Controlled Environments
  • Positive pressure clean room
  • Annual certification audit

Why do my food products need ‘food safe’ packaging?

Packaging that comes into contact with food (primary packaging), must be made from 100% virgin materials that meet regulatory standards such as FDA, European and/or Australian Standards (to ensure it is safe for intended use – food contact packaging).

Furthermore, all steps throughout the manufacture of food packaging must be assessed to identify and control any contamination risks to the packaging, including any from physical, chemical, or micro-biological sources.

This assessment and application of control measures include factors such as: process environment and product control, storage conditions, handling procedures, and the ability to offer full traceability from raw materials to supplied finished product.

All systems and procedures are under-pinned by a solid foundation of GMPs – Good Manufacturing Practices. E.g. Hygiene control, Pest control, Internal auditing, Training programs etc.

Quality management is the other main component of the HACCP standard, with the principle based on monitoring standards during production and not just post-production QA checks. Continual improvement strategies also form part of our Quality management program.

Pinpak is customer focused with a food safety culture throughout all departments.

Garbing and De-garbing change rooms – part of hygiene control procedures

Positive air pressure clean and controlled manufacturing environments