Frank in the early days (old office at Lexton Rd)

Pinpak was founded in 1987 by Frank Trchala and his son Richard
(who is current MD), joining him the following year in 1988. The business started with a single bag making machine operating above a shop
front in Rosella St, Doncaster East.

Frank operating our first Orion bag machine (we’ve since had 4 more Orion’s… all made in Melbourne!)

Over time, Pinpak grew and expanded into neighbouring factories, housing more machines with designated departments, building a multi-person office, and importing blown film extruders and a flexographic print press.

Richard Wrapping Pallets by Hand in the days before we had an auto wrapper

Both Richard and Frank were personally ‘hands on” at the start with Richard running the printing press whilst Frank focused on extrusion and bag making.

Morning tea in the original “bunker” office with no heating or cooling back then.

Arrival of Pinpak’s Flexographic Print Press from Italy

As new employees were added and trained in key designated areas of sales, admin and production, the business has grown from a humble father and son team to the multi-faceted vertical operation that it is today.

Visit ‘Our Team’ page and see if you can spot any employees in our gallery below that are still with the company today!


New office building

Rob our delivery driver...still with us today

Frank ‘on the tools’ in blown film extrusion

Despatch duties before there was warehouse personnel

Expanding Pinpak with the purchase of ‘Warehouse Wrappings’ in 1997 from Jon and Helen Evans.

This young lady is still with us and today. Emily is now our office & admin manager.

Luke and Richard at end of year celebration

Jay and Ben in extrusion

Lynn –one of our first bag converting employees –still with us today!