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Poly Bags, Press Seal Bags, Plastic Bags, LD & PP Products

Pinpak-Grayson manufactures and carries a wide range of poly bags for a million uses. In this area of our website, you will find Polythene LD, and HDPE poly bags. High clarity CPP and BOPP bags with reseal option, Press Seal bags, Netting bags, Produce bags, Ice bags, Firewood bags, Drycleaners film, Bread bags, Courier bags, garbage bags, pallet bags, custom printed plastic bags, and more. Pinpak can also custom make and print your poly bag to your specific requirements in our factory in Melbourne and supply Australia wide in no time at all. Email us at or phone 1300 855 571 with your enquiry and we will reply super fast!!

Polyethylene Bags - PinkPak

Polyethylene bags also referred as poly bags, have many different uses in a variety of industries such as textiles, food and other related sectors.

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