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Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

$7.95 - $9.95

Face Masks Disposable Single Use

$14.95 - $19.90

Hand Towel

$49.90 - $49.90


$49.90 - $49.90

Toilet Paper

$46.90 - $46.90

Ultra Shield Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

$12.00 - $39.00

A4 Paper

$34.95 - $34.95

Adhesive Tapes and Dispensers

$0.58 - $75.00

Packaging Tapes

$2.25 - $13.20

Masking Tapes

$2.99 - $9.50

Printed Tapes

$4.95 - $6.95

Zip Lock, Press Seal Bags

$0.01 - $0.73

Airport Security Press Seal Bags

$0.12 - $0.13

Asbestos Bags

$16.00 - $18.00

Impulse Bench Top Sealers

$133.00 - $1,040.00

Auto Foot Operated-Bench Top Sealers

$1,008.00 - $1,190.00

Foot Operated Pedestal Impulse Sealer

$687.00 - $991.00

Neck Sealer Tape

$2.95 - $2.95

Floor Marking, Hazard Tapes

$9.50 - $10.00

Cross-Weave Filament Tape

$9.99 - $10.99

Stationary Office Tape

$0.43 - $1.90

Tape Gun Pistol Grip

$17.00 - $17.00

Spare Blades Pistol Grip Tape Gun

$5.40 - $6.00

Bag Neck Sealer

$2.95 - $75.00

Classic Bench Top Dispensers

$6.50 - $16.00

Heavy Duty Metal Bench Dispenser

$34.00 - $39.00

Multi Position Tape Dispenser

$36.00 - $40.00

Tagging Gun

$30.50 - $49.50

Pallet Top Covers

$95.00 - $120.00

Pallet Bags

$219.00 - $289.00

Stretch Wrap and Bundle Wrap

$9.00 - $95.00

Poly Strapping

$34.00 - $87.90

Poly Strapping Tools

$33.70 - $420.00

Steel Strapping

$73.50 - $76.50

Steel Strapping Tools

$41.80 - $195.00

SALE Bunting

$20.50 - $49.00

Bin Wrap / Custom Printed Bunting

Bubble Wrap

$24.90 - $130.00

Bio Fill

$48.00 - $49.50

Poly Foam

$95.00 - $295.00

Biohazard Bags

$0.38 - $1.28

Invoice Enclosed

$48.00 - $139.00

Cutters and Knives

$1.25 - $9.30

Label Messages

$21.85 - $24.00

Kraft Corner Protectors

$1.10 - $1.30

Bag of Rags

$27.90 - $27.90

White Die Cut Carry Bags

$0.05 - $0.85

Black, Red, Clear Die Cut Carry Bags

$0.06 - $0.42

Promotional Carry Bags

PEEL and SEAL Bags

$0.02 - $0.46


$0.08 - $0.18

Bread Bags

$6.80 - $240.00



$45.00 - $53.75

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

$45.00 - $64.50

Brown Kraft, White Newsprint

$59.20 - $206.40

Tissue Paper, Florist Wrap

$27.50 - $141.00

Paper Carry Bags

$71.00 - $166.00

Poly Tube

$39.00 - $176.00

Builders Film

Cable Tie

$0.02 - $1.52

Car Seat Covers

$50.00 - $88.00

Car Floor Mats

$50.00 - $88.00

Steering Wheel Covers

$50.00 - $88.00

Carton 230W x 200L x 150H

$40.00 - $40.00

Garbage Bags and Bin Liners

$35.75 - $145.00

Carton Liners

$59.00 - $199.00

Plain Poly Bags

$0.01 - $1,768.00

Printed or Custom Poly Bags

Parking Infringement Notice, Printed

$0.17 - $0.21

Mattress Bags

$245.00 - $245.00

Chair Bags

$164.00 - $164.00

HDPE Hoyts Bag on Roll

$9.00 - $9.00

CPP Bags

$0.02 - $0.42

High Clarity PEEL & SEAL Header Top Bags

$0.03 - $0.23

Plain White Courier Bags

$0.09 - $0.88

Plain Black Courier Bags

$0.16 - $0.67

Custom Printed Courier Bags

Drum Liners

$70.55 - $125.00

Dust Extraction Bags

$70.55 - $245.00

Ice Bags

$6.80 - $144.00

Firewood, Kindling Bags

$106.25 - $162.00

Foot Operated Pedestal Constant

$999.00 - $1,840.00

Gear Shift Covers

$50.00 - $88.00

Large Deluxe Retractable Cutter

$4.10 - $5.00

Paper Mail Padded Bags

$47.80 - $114.40

Maxi Pack Bubble Cushioned Mailer

$72.90 - $117.00

Medical and Dental Bags

$0.04 - $0.05

Netting Bags

$43.60 - $160.00

Singlet bags-Bag Ban Approved

$62.70 - $69.80

Produce Bags on Rolls

$0.01 - $21.50

Shrink Film

$81.00 - $315.00

Shrink-A-Pack System Sealer

$468.00 - $901.00

Singlet Bag Dispenser

$88.00 - $88.00

Stand Up Pouches

$0.18 - $0.75

Pinpak Products Range

A Look At The Growing Pinpak Product Range

Pinpak now has more than 30 years of experience delivering quality warehouse packaging products to our loyal customers in Australia. We also now have more than 30 unique categories in our continually expanding product range. With our combination of inventory and experience, we are sure that you can find whatever you need in our catalog and at a price that you can be happy about.

A quick overview of our product range includes films, bags, satchels, and carry bags. And our products are not the run-of-the-mill items that you can find just anywhere. We offer a number of custom design solutions. Our machines are capable of printing up to 8 colors on both sides of the bags that you order. That means you can properly promote your brand with unique company colors.

Our inventory has expanded to contain quite a few unique items and categories over the past few  years. Let’s take a look at some of the major categories within our product range.

A Whole Lot Of Bags

It’s difficult to imagine a type of plastic bag that we cannot make for you here at Pinpak. This includes carry bags, LDPE poly bags, dental bags, newspaper bags, parking infringement bags, bread bags, dust extraction bags, chair bags, mattress bags, and more. Nobody else in the industry takes bags quite as seriously as we do.

We understand that bags are an integral part of warehouse operations on a day-to-day basis. It’s very easy for a warehouse to burn through hundreds of bags in a short period of time. That’s why we focus on manufacturing affordable bags that won’t send your company into bankruptcy. At the same, we understand that there are sensitive operations that will require more durable bags.

One example of this is our hazardous waste bag. These bags are manufactured from a very bright yellow LDPE and contain large, bold letters. The bags are extremely durable to ensure that whatever hazardous waste is inside stays there. The bright colors and bold letters ensures that anyone who sees the bag understands the potential dangers. Of course, if your company would prefer different colors or a unique message, we can customize these bags to your exact requirements.

Our company is also one of the largest suppliers of airport security press seal bags. As with our other bags, we can customize these orders according to your specific details. These bags have been approved for use by Australian International Airports.

One final example of our excellent bag craftsmanship are our high clarity PP Peel ‘n’ Seal Bags. These bags are manufactured using high clarity polypropylene. There is a easy-to-use lip and re-close tape at the top. These bags are most often used for sealing various retail goods that will be on display. For example, they can be used to protect textiles and paper products, such as greeting cards. You’ll find these high-quality bags located in retail stores throughout Australia.

More Than Just Bags

Of course, we aren’t limited to manufacturing just bags. There are a number of plastic products that we produce for specific industries. Pinpak specializes in manufacturing disposable car seat covers for the automobile industry. These covers are often used in car lots and auctions. We’ve grown to become the leading supplier of disposable seat covers in Australia and Melbourne. The covers are manufactured with recyclable LDPE.

We also manufacture stretch wraps that come in a variety of sizes and colors. The wraps are regularly available in 20, 23, and 25-micron varieties. As for colors, there is a standard clear stretch wrap and a black stretch wrap.  In addition to our own stretch wrap that we manufacture in-house, we also supply imported cast stretch wrap if our products do not meet your requirements.

Non-Plastic Items

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that we offer several products that are not manufactured using plastic. Our goal is to cover all of your warehouse storage needs, not just those that involve plastic. Our inventory is still limited in this regard, but we are regularly designing and adding new items to the catalog.

One of our most popular items is our supermarket carry bag dispenser. This is manufactured using high-quality steel. If properly cared for, the dispenser can last for decades without showing signs of aging. And, of course, it works perfectly with the carry bags that we produce here at Pinpak.

Carry bags also happen to be one of the few bag products that we manufacture that can be made from paper. We offer a large variety of paper carry bags in either recycled brown paper or eco white paper. The bags come with heavy duty paper twist handles. You can choose to have your own colors, designs, or logs printed onto the bags.

Whether you own a retail store or a growing warehouse, you need packaging solutions to keep your items protected and organized. We offer all of the packaging products your company could need as well as many additional items. View our catalog today to find what you are looking for.