8 Protective Packaging Products PinPak Supplies

Whether sending gifts or moving house, we have reason to wrap items and transport them over distances. Businesses face the same obligation, especially with today’s e-commerce and online up rchasing, products are sent to customers hundreds of kilometers away. But will the item arrive in good condition? With the right protective packaging product, it probably will.


Packaging in the modern world cannot be underestimated. A 2014 report on the global protective packaging market published by research experts, Freedonia, revealed that:

Global demand for protective packaging is set to rise by 6.1% annually; and expected to be worth an estimated US$27 billion in 2018, up from US$20 billion in 2014.
Growth is due to the continuing increase in online shopping, with Statista reporting that:
Global online sales estimated to be worth US$1.47 trillion in 2014 alone; and expected to beat the US$2 trillion mark by 2017.
Products purchased online need to be wrapped with reliable protective packaging products, but figures quoted above only account for packaging personal possessions.

At PinPak, we have not only experienced this trend’s effects first hand, but have developed to meet Australia’s growing demand. We offer the right product for every perceivable need and retained in each option:

  • High quality
  • Practicality
  • Real value

PinPak Range of Protective Packaging Products

1. Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap

One of the most popular forms of protective packaging, bubble wrap provides superb protection to fragile items while in transit. Air trapped in small sealed pockets (or bubbles) ensure the item wrapped is perfectly cushioned in LDPE plastic. Since its US invention in the late 1950s, the material has become a favourite for its amusing value as well as practicality and cost-effectiveness.

At Pinpak, we can:

  • Custom-make bubble wrap with sizes available in 10mm and 20mm.
  • Perforate rolls to desired length.

As the plastic is completely flexible, it can wrap delicate china and porcelain statuettes. Electronics can be in our anti-static bubble wrap to maintain their sensitive quality.

2. Polyfoam Packaging

polyfoam packaging protection  

The short name for polyethylene foam, Polyfoam is another favourite protective packaging product. Despite being both flexible and cuttable, the material’s density is difficult to tear by hand. So, it’s excellent for:

  • Protecting surfaces from scratches, like polished furniture or leather-bound books.
  • Providing valuable cushioning, making it doubly effective with its thousand air cells.

Polyfoam can be wrapped around any item, or used between stacked flat items (books, CD cases) for extra protection and stability. We provide polyfoam in rolls:

  • Between 70m and 500m long;
  • Each 1,200mm wide;
  • Between 1mm to 6mm thickness.

3. Polystyrene Void Fill

mic Polystyrene Void Fill  

Another hugely popular packaging option is loose foam pieces made of expanded polystyrene. Commonly known as ‘packing peanuts’, its foam pieces are shaped like large peanut shells. They are extremely effective at cushioning:

  • Irregularly shaped, delicate items like porcelain sculptures;
  • Items that may be damaged by vibrations etc, like electronics.

We provide two of the best-known brands on the market, Mic Pac (0.4m3 bag) and Bio Fill (40ltr bag), which is 100% bio-degradable.

4. Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard Roll

Cardboard is a long-serving protective packaging product. Normally, there would be little cushioning in it, but corrugated cardboard offers an extra layer of folded cardboard that addresses that issue. Also:

  • Its firm structure provides good protection against scratches and bumps, with multiple layers maximizing protection.
  • With the cardboard easily cut, it can fit even the most irregular-shaped items.

At PinPak you can find rolls covering 50 square metres, but with widths ranging 610mm to 1500mm.

5. Kraft Wrapping Paper

Kraft Wrapping Paper  

A typical brown paper used for wrapping items of all shapes and sizes, it offers a decent level of protection and cushioning, maximized by multiple layers.  Its thin fibrous surface  is also ideal as simple void fillers, with traditional brown Kraft paper and plain white newsprint paper just as effective. We have both available in rolls (with table-top dispensers also available) of:

  • 60gsm to 70gsm
  • 450mm to 1200mm wide (Kraft brown paper)
  • Between 610mm and 1625mm in width (white newsprint) in 500m rolls.

Purchases support local industries as the paper is Australian-made.

6. Tissue Wrapping

Tissue Wrapping paper

More commonly used as light wrapping paper, it’s referred to as florist paper for its popularity as bouquet wrapping. But while tissue wrapping is light and thin, it’s an excellent protective packaging product. Its soft touch is ideal for filling glass and delicate cup cavities. Items are completely safe because it’s acid-free. These are available as individual sheets of:

  • 400mm x 600mm or 500mm x 750mm (acid-free)
  • 300mm to 1000mm in width in 400m rolls

7. Mail Pack Padded Bags

Mail Pack Padded Bags

Smaller items mailed to their destination are safe and secure in mail pack padded bags. To ensure its contents’ maximum protection, these durable envelopes have:

  • An eco-friendly brown Kraft paper exterior;
  • With interiors padded by bubble wrap;
  • Taped lips for easy sealing;
  • Address and reply panels printed on the exterior.

Our wide range of padded bags may have the size you need. But even if we don’t, we can custom-make them to your required dimensions.

8. Bubble Cushioned Mailers

Bubble Cushioned Mailers

Just like the padded bags, bubble cushioned mailers provide real protection to items mailed to their destination, but they differ with plastic bubble lining birthed inside and outside the white envelopes.  Several pre-set sizes are available and we can make them to your specifications. So contact us for more details.

The PinPak Range

At PinPak, we know it’s important to prepare your products for shipping with the right protective packaging product. That’s why we never shirked from insisting on quality in the product range we have.

From Kraft paper to polyfoam void fill, we have packaging options that best suit your needs whether you are shipping:

  • Small and delicate items;
  • Large and valuable items;
  • Or simply need to paper wrap a bunch of flowers.

And because we are PinPak, you can get custom-made and measured products that serve your specific requirements. For more details, simply email us at info@pinpak.com.au or phone 1300 855 571.