Top Eco-friendly Packaging Material for Businesses

The world is full of tons of non-biodegradable material that has been used in a wide variety of industries for a long time.

The effects of these waste products have started to be felt in the modern-day and businesses are being tasked with changing their ways and adopting more eco-friendly operations where possible.

Packaging is a massive part of business operations and forms a significant chunk of materials that are disposed of today.

In this article, we will explore some of the most eco-friendly packaging material on earth today and help you explore which option suits your business as we all try to make the world a better place.

Eco-Friendly and Recycled Plastic

Innovation plays a huge role in promoting an eco-friendly theme for your business, and some of the previously harmful elements can be reinvented to make them suitable for the environment.

Bioplastics can be made from biological material as opposed to fossil fuels, which makes them more ideal for the environment.

Most of the shipping material made from plastic can now be fully recycled meaning that for spill control pallets, there is a proper alternative that gives the same reliability.

Biodegradable plastics are now available in the market and they start decomposing when they are exposed to the sun.

These are used to make envelopes that are utilised for bulk mailing and related applications.

Corrugated Bubble Wrap

You probably know the famous corrugated bubble wrap packing that kids like and are used to protect fragile material during shipping. This is not eco-friendly as it is made of plastic.

However, the positive is that there are other alternatives to it. One alternative is a wrap up made of recycled corrugated cardboard.

As opposed to disposing or recycling post-consumer cardboard waste, it gets a new use as a cushion for your items.

Perforations are made in it to produce a particular effect that keeps it safe from shocks the same way a bubble wrap does.

The disadvantage of this packaging material is that your kids won’t enjoy bursting them afterwards.

Carton Water

Plastic bottles are one of the leading causes of pollution across the globe today. All these bottles end up in the oceans and affect birds and marine life.

Finding a viable alternative to plastic bottles has been hard but carton water bottles have emerged as a suitable option.

These bottles are made from reused cardboard and newspaper and they have a thin plastic liner inside that enables them to hold the water without sucking it in and disintegrating.

They can be stored in the refrigerator, shipped, and sold to people all over the world.

Organic Fabrics

Organic fabrics are a strong candidate to replace the typical plastic bags that pollute the environment. They are eco-friendly and can be reused.

There are a lot of different organic bags available today and some of them are made from hemp, palm trees, tapioca, cotton, among others.

The good thing with the materials used to make these bags is that they are biodegradable and can take around 100 days to decompose as opposed to the 10,000 years it takes for plastic to do the same.

You can get creative with them and make them beautiful through art, or make them heavy-duty by reinforcing the material.

Some of the top options for eco-friendly packaging have been mentioned above and if you are running a business, the time is now to switch and make the world a better place.

The laws will soon become stringent and force you to change to more eco-friendly packaging materials, but they do offer a lot of benefits to your business.

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