What Is The Best Way To Pack Porcelain Plates For Shipping?

Porcelain is a material that is especially delicate, so you have to be extremely careful when preparing it to be shipped.

It is not as simple as wrapping it in bubble wrap and then hoping for the best.

There are certain steps that should be taken to ensure your items arrive in pristine condition.

Following are 6 helpful pointers that will ensure there are no damages when your porcelain items arrive at their destination.

1 – Wrap Each Item Individually

One way to increase the chances of everything being broken is to wrap multiple items together. It is wise to give each piece its own individual cushion.

This will prevent each item from breaking due to them hitting against each other.

It will also help you avoid having two or more items grinding against one another and ending up with small chips in the porcelain.

2 – Pack Everything Tightly In Boxes

You don’t want to allow too much extra space in the boxes you are packing as this will give your items the chance to move around and get damaged.

Try to place as many items into the box as you comfortably can. If you end up with few pieces left over, you will need to find a smaller box to pack them into.

It may be tempting to add tissue paper or bubble wrap to fill in space.

However, there is a chance that this will not be tight enough and you will end up with your fragile goods being broken.

3 – Watch The Weight

You should avoid packing too many items into a box as it may actually become too heavy to carry.

Even if you have movers that are physically strong, heavier boxes always increase the likelihood of someone having a mishap. 

It is best to have more boxes that are moderate in weight as opposed to fewer boxes with too much weight or this will make them too difficult to move around.

4 – Use Dividers For Very Delicate Items

There is some porcelain that is more delicate than others and you have to try your best to protect it.

In addition to wrapping these delicate items, you should also add dividers to separate each batch.

This is an extra step that further prevents your items from hitting against one another when you are shipping them.

5 – Choose The Right Wrapping Materials

Always choose materials that are durable enough that they will not break or tear while your items are en route to their destination.

Great choices include velvet wrapping, small sheets of silk and bubble wrap.

You should avoid using any materials that are rough, like burlap, denim, newspaper and khaki.

Selecting wrapping that is made from any of those materials means that you may end up with minute scratches on the surface or your item.

6 – Be Careful When Packing

This may sound simple enough, but it is not always easy. Take your time packing your porcelain in order to avoid any mishaps. 

Even if you have to start packing this first in order to invest enough time and ensure there are no issues, you should do so.

Otherwise, you may end up with pieces that need to be replaced.

It may seem like a lot to go through in order to pack your porcelain, but this is absolutely necessary if you want to keep it safe and intact.

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