BOPP Plastic Bags and the Silent Plastic Revolution

They may have a curious name, but BOPP plastic bags are much more prevalent in everyday life than you might be aware. In fact, it might surprise you to know that you have carried BOPP (or biaxially orientated polypropylene) bags today, have probably shared out treats, stored away food and may even have gotten a parking ticket in them. It is a plastic bag revolution that few people know about.

But then, why would you have noticed it at all? Bags are seen as practical items and little more, but with the greater value that high-clarity BOPP bags offer, there is a lot more to gain from this choice of bag than regular shopping and packaging options.

For almost 30 years, PinPak has been playing a key role in this silent plastic revolution in Australia, manufacturing films and bags for some of the nation’s best-known packaging companies and brand names. The popularity of BOPP plastic bags is no secret to them.

candies packed in bopp bag  

What are BOPP Plastic Bags?

The science behind these bags is pretty complex. But in a nutshell, biaxially orientated polypropylene is a stronger plastic than that used in regular shopping bags or light packaging and wrapping materials. The reason is that the material is constructed on two axes (biaxial), which means that the polypropylene plastic is stretched in two different directions.

The effect is to stiffen the plastic, and in doing so improve the reliability and quality of the bag, making it:

  • Harder to stretch and lose shape
  • More resistant to water and gas
  • Better suited to printing and illustration

These structural improvements make BOPP plastic bags ideal for packaging just about anything. Consequently, it has become the material of choice for companies that distribute perishable goods, like snacks, foods and confectionary. It’s what your Twix and KitKat bars are packed in, and your Doritos potato chips, and your dry noodles, your biscuits, cookies and cream crackers too.

Crucially, of course, BOPP plastic bags are completely safe for use as food packaging.

Higher Marketing and Promotion Potential

Because biaxial orientation has strengthened the plastic, the vast majority of bags are high-clarity BOPP bags that are easy to coat, print on and laminate. The plastic is not only able to handle these processes better, but is also firm enough to facilitate high-detail images with vivid colours.

In fact, it is one of the main reasons by BOPP is preferred above more traditional packaging plastics, like cellophane, polyester, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene.

BOPP plastic bags are a marketing executive’s dream packaging material. All you need to do is look at the brand names that use them, at their complex designs, the sharp colours they use, and even the clarity of the small print.

With a wide range of high clarity BOPP bags, PinPak has long been a leading manufacturer and supplier of made-to-order plain and printed BOPP bags for businesses across Australia. And while many items are available in set sizes and dimensions, PinPak can manufacturer custom bags that meet the specific needs of a particular business.

It is all part of the silent plastic revolution that has been going on for almost 30 years. Where once only the multinational could afford to have bespoke packaging, now even medium-sized retailers can benefit from the greater strength and marketing potential that high clarity BOPP bags offer.