Are Corrugated Boxes Effective Packaging Materials?

Packaging of products is not just a matter of making it easier for you to transport products from one point to another. Safety considerations also come to play. 

It is important to ensure that products, whether they are sensitive, hazardous, bulky, or dangerous are packed and ultimately transported safely. 

It is important to ensure that no damage to the items is caused during the transportation process.

The big question is, with the variety of packaging options available on the market, are corrugated boxes a good option for shipping your products in?

In a nutshell, yes. Corrugated boxes offer a wide variety of benefits, providing exceptional protection to packed items. 

Some of the qualities that make corrugated boxes a good packing option include:

  • Corrugated Boxes Are Customisable And Flexible

  • They Are Cost-Effective

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Are Protective

  • Recyclable And Environmentally Friendly

  • Light Weight

Corrugated Boxes Are Customisable And Flexible

Corrugated boxes are very easy to customise. 

Depending on your needs, a combination of board types, thickness, sizes, coatings, and weights can be varied to create a customised corrugated box. 

Moreover, additional qualities such as static control and flame resistance can be added to boxes if need be. 

On the design front, corrugated box manufacturers can produce products with simple box solution just as easy as they can produce complex shapes for specific types of packaging. 

Moreover, a wide variety of printing options are available to truly customise the box. 

The boxes can bear simple graphics or complex and high-resolution graphics.

As such, corrugated boxes are flexible and customisable enough to suit a wide variety of products.

They Are Cost-Effective And Sustainable 

Corrugated boxes are mature packaging options. In this regard, we have become good at mass producing this type of packaging at very low prices. 

In fact, they are some of the cheapest packaging options on the market. Aside from being cost-effective, they are also sustainable. 

Corrugated boxes manufacturers can use recycled resources to produce this type of packaging material. 

Moreover, the boxes can be recycled after use, renewing the resources used to manufacture the boxes.

Corrugated Boxes Offer Effective On The Protection Front

Corrugated boxes are manufactured by arching the paper to form flutes. The flutes offer protective lining sandwiched between two sheets of paper. 

As such, the overall design is very effective in protecting the contents of the box from bumps that are typical of the handling and shipping process.

Corrugated boxes also offer more protection than merely impact protection. They are also effective at protecting products from moisture damage. 

Additionally, coatings are applied to the boxes to enhance their shock and flame resistance, further improving the protective capability of the boxes.

Corrugated Boxes Recyclable And Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, corrugated boxes are made using recycled materials. 

Typical office papers, newspapers, and any other type of paper is reprocessed to make the raw materials used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes. 

The boxes are also recycled after they are used, renewing the utilisation of the paper materials.

The recycling done saves time and, more importantly, energy. It also reduces the demand for new raw materials in the form of trees. 

In a nutshell, corrugated boxes are very effective in protecting the environment as well.

They Are Lightweight

The transportation of products also has to account for the weight of the packaging. 

This is especially important when transporting heavy goods where you want to avoid adding too much weight to an already heavy product. 

It is also important in air shipment where weight is an important consideration. Corrugated boxes are not only strong but they are also lightweight.

As you can appreciate from the prevalence of corrugated boxes as a packaging option and from the above benefits they yield, corrugated boxes are some of the best packaging options.

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