Some Interesting Facts about Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers may be just small objects, but their uses are very versatile. You cannot find an office, a factory, a grocery store or even a household without any of these useful items. Tape dispensers come in various sizes, types and designs, depending on the tape they dispense. But they all have one equal purpose. This is to make it easier for anyone to grab an adhesive tape with just one hand. Some tape dispensers are disposable while others are refillable. Nowadays, refillable types of dispensers are commonly preferred by many. They also come in varied designs, depending on the purpose they serve.


Refillable tape dispensers are more advantageous and convenient to use than disposable dispensers. Disposable tape dispensers are only good for one-time use especially when you are on the go and you need it to wrap something such as gifts. They are handy but can only hold a small roll of tape and are usually made of plastic. Refillable tape dispensers, on the other hand are usually weighted to stay in one place. They are designed in different shapes and sizes to add beauty to your office table or desk. Different tape dispensers exist for various purposes. Highlighted below are some of the common types of tape dispensers and their uses.



Bench Top Tape Dispensers


These are the most common type of tape dispensers. You can usually see them in office desks, grocery stores, factories and even in households. They can come in small and large size, depending on the use. Some of them are made of plastic while others are made of metal. They are both extra sturdy and weighted to stay in one place. Since they are heavier, they can’t easily sway when you grab an inch of tape to seal something. This makes it easier and convenient to pull a strip of tape out with just one hand. These bench top tape dispensers can hold various sizes and types of adhesive tapes firmly. Most refillable tape dispensers have a 1” core and will accept or fit-in any width of tape. Most adhesive tapes come in width sizes of ½”, “3/16” and “1”. Be wary of these details when you purchase your choice of refillable bench top tape dispensers.


Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers


These are handheld style of refillable tape dispensers which allow one hand operation in sealing cartons and other packages. They are roll-on type dispensers that provide easy centre seam closure of packages or cases. Pistol grip tape dispensers usually come with a built-in adjustable brake for a consistent and tight seal. They have contoured hand grip and are lightweight for ease of use. They are made of high-impact plastic and metal for durability and life-long performance. They are commonly used in factories and warehouses to conveniently seal cartons and packages.


Multi Position Tape Dispenser


This is the type of refillable tape dispensers than can be easily attached to a bench or to a machine in the work area. They are commonly found in large manufacturing factories and warehouses to make packaging tape dispensing easy. They are called a multi position tape dispenser because they can be positioned in any convenient way you want it. They come with mounting clamps for easy attachment. Multi position tape dispenser helps sealing of carton packages fast and efficient. In fact, they allow an increase in productivity in most industrial settings dealing with manufacturing or assembling operations.


Tape dispensers are indeed very useful, versatile and sophisticated pieces of equipment. Adhesion or sealing of packages and other items are common tasks that are always present in offices, stores, warehouses and even households. Hence, tape dispensers are very necessary in making the dispensing of tapes fast and easy. If you need quality tape dispensers, there are many stores out there such as Pinpak that offer different tape dispensers to suit your specific need.


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