Top Tips for the Safe Shipping of Electronic Parts

Electronic parts are quite delicate, and it is important that they are packaged properly for safe shipment. 

If you do not pack them properly then there is always the risk that they will get damaged, either through mishandling in the shipping process or through static interference.

Protecting Electronic Parts During Shipment

Packing your electronic parts properly is important if you want to make sure that they are safe. 

For larger parts, packing them in an anti-static foam, and a solid box can be a good idea. 

For smaller parts, that may be overkill and this is where a courier satchel can be a very good alternative

Can Courier Satchels Protect Electronic Parts?

Courier satchels come in a few different designs, including some that are made from an anti-static material. 

These can be useful for protecting electronic parts during shipment. 

If you are going to use a courier satchel to send components, make sure that it is an ESD bag that is labeled as such, especially if you are sending the parts internationally. 

Proper labeling will warn customs officers that the goods are delicate, so they will hopefully handle them more carefully than they may do otherwise.

It’s important to choose a bag that is padded to protect the components from damage.

How Protection Against Static Works

Silvery anti-static bags are conductive, so they will act as a ‘Faraday Cage’ against any ESD that comes from outside the bag. 

This means that if there is any static build-up outside the bag the static won’t cause problems since it will be carried across the bag rather than the discharge reaching the contents of the bag.

What they won’t do, however, is to protect the contents of the bag from any static caused by the components rubbing up against each other. 

For this, you will need more than just a padded bag. 

You should consider using ESD foam to hold the parts in place, or taping the parts in place with an ESD tape to reduce friction.

Special Considerations for Batteries and Battery-Operated Appliances

Particular care must be taken when sending batteries or battery-operated appliances through the post. 

There are strict rules about how lithium batteries should be handled and shipped. 

Lithium batteries should be wrapped individually, with the terminals protected so that they cannot be shorted out.

If batteries short, there is a risk that they will leak corrosive fluids, and there is also the risk of a fire or an explosion. 

Keeping batteries away from each other, and away from metallic objects which could cause a short, will reduce the risk of such issues occurring.

If you are shipping battery operated appliances or individual batteries abroad then it is important that you label the package properly and that you comply with the regulations for the shipping method that you are using.

Simple Precautions Can Save You From Expensive Errors

Spending a few extra dollars on good packaging and taking the time to secure your parts, components, or devices properly could save you from some expensive issues. 

If you are shipping delicate electronics then take some time to ensure that the parts are wrapped well in anti-static, padded packaging. 

It does not take much to severely damage an electronic part, and if something does go wrong you will find yourself wishing that you had spent a little extra time and money on protective packaging.

The good news is that modern packaging materials are light and durable, and that even a relatively thin padded courier satchel can offer a lot of protection for something small such as a PCB or a phone. 

So don’t worry, you can get your goods where they need to be, intact and without damage by using a courier satchel!

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