Types of Adhesive Tapes and Their Uses

We may not be completely aware of it, but we all have used adhesive tapes in our lifetime. In fact, we may not get past grade school without being exposed to the use of cellophane tape or masking tape in classroom projects, in wrapping gifts or in putting broken pieces together. With the many instances we have used adhesive tapes, we begin to realize that there are different kinds of tapes for different purposes. Let’s take a look at these different types of adhesive tapes. For all we know, we might be in a situation where we would find ourselves using these tapes in the future.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes are adhesive tapes intended for sealing, enclosing and wrapping or bundling. They are used for packaged items to be stored, handled or shipped. Usually, they are applied to seal the receptacles’ joints and seams, to seal bottle caps or to tamper-proof food containers. Packaging tapes are easily applied using a dispenser with cutter.

Stationery Adhesive Tapes

These are general application office tapes intended for a variety of uses. Generally, these are use for keeping bundles of the same items altogether or keeping two different items together for a purpose. Stationery adhesive tapes are very useful both for office and home use.

Masking Tapes

One of the most popular adhesive tape types designed for various uses is the masking tapes. Originally, they are used in painting to mask off portions that do not require painting. Nowadays, used more generally for all kinds of adhesion by reason of the quality and characteristic of the base material. Masking tapes, also known as sticky tapes, are made of thin and tearable paper. Though pressure-sensitive in application, the tapes are easily released when pulled out without leaving any mark.

Printed Tapes

These are adhesive tapes with pre-printed inscriptions etched on the tapes’ exposed surface. The prints include “Fragile”, “Top Load” and “Handle with care!” Business owners buy printed tapes for various reasons. Generally, these are used as an aid in branding and marketing promotions. This is in addition to the adhesion function. Printed tapes are one of the popular types used for sealing packages with the name of the company printed on the tape, usually with the logo.

Cross Weave Filament Tapes

When the bundling demands extra strength of a durable tape, a cross weave filament tape is highly recommended. It is ideal for heavy duty enclosures in export packaging and performs well under normal temperature.

Floor and Lane Marking Tape

This is a durable self-adhesive PVC tape for marking floors in factories. The proper use of floor and lane marking tapes helps establish a sense of order and sealing duct work pattern inside the facility. Floor marking tapes are also used as safety warning devices against floor slips. They are also use as impending barriers in loading docks, in shipping areas and in warehouses or in other areas where accidents may be likely to occur.

adhesive tapes

Duct Tape

This is a strong adhesive tape with various applications. It can adhere to any material such as: 

  • Cloth
  • Rubber
  • Cement
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic

Originally, these tapes are designed for sealing duct scenes. They are now more frequently used in general home repair.

Electric Tape

This is an exclusive application tape for insulating against electricity. It is one of the most useful tapes that go beyond its original design function. It is now used for almost anything that needs attachment.

Double-sided Tape

As the name suggests, this tape sticks on both sides. It is used when another object needs to be attached to the surface. This is a peel-off type of tape that has an application in many areas at home and in the office.

Cellophane Tape

This is a transparent adhesive tape that is known even to small kids due to its constancy of use in school projects. It is perhaps the most used if not most useful adhesive tape

There are other types of adhesive tapes that are not included in this listing. Some have technical application that requires technical descriptions. In the second part of our listing, we will take a look at the more technical types and see how they may create an impact on our lives.