Understanding the Difference Between Packing and Packaging

It is easy to confuse packing with packaging because their roots link to the word “pack.”

Most people use these words in the same context, and that is why it becomes difficult to understand if they are different or not. 

The experts in the packing industry believe there are many differences between these two methods.

Packing and Packaging in a Nutshell

Packing and packaging are two sides of the same coin. In fact, packing is a part of packaging, and not the other way round.

Packing involves wrapping the goods to protect them from moisture and other weather conditions.

Packaging, on the other hand, includes the protective wrapping and the display element of the product.

Understanding the Differences

There are many differences between packing and packaging that you may not be aware of.

Some of these differences are listed below according to the packaging industry:

• Packing means the material used to pack the goods to protect them from being exposed to weather conditions. However, packaging has a broader scope.

It not only involves protecting the products but also ensures that the goods can be transported safely.

Often products and other items are packed inside big containers before shipping.

• Packaging is a tool to impress the customers on how the products are packed.

This technique is used to attract customers. Items that have eye-catching packaging often sell better than goods that are not so well-packaged.

However, there’s no incentive when it comes to packing. It remains inside the packaging, and cannot influence customers.

You only get to see the packing after you open the packaging.

• Packing involves using packing tapes to close the open ends of the goods.

Packing trays, pallets, and packing boxes are also used in the packing industry to keep the products safe. Packaging is a more elaborate process.

It includes packing the bigger boxes where the packed goods are kept. Once the bigger boxes are packed, they are sealed using various items.

Depending on the product that is packed, the experts often use bubble wrap, shredded paper, foam cushioning, and corrugated cardboard to protect the items inside.

• Packing takes place once the goods are complete. It is the immediate step right after the manufacturing process ends.

Packaging, however, starts once all the packing is complete. It is the penultimate step right before the goods are shipped.

The Process Involved in Packing and Packaging

Packaging takes place in two different ways: primary and secondary. Primary packaging involves the first stage of packing.

In this stage, the finished goods are packed carefully to protect them. Different materials are used in this process and this keeps the items inside safe.

Primary packaging also includes printing logo and product information that the customers want to see on the product.

This is a crucial part because it can sway the decision of the customers whether to buy the product or not.

Customers are usually attracted to colourful packaging where they can see the name of the brand.

It also includes essential details like customer service numbers that help the customers know who to contact if they are not satisfied with the product.

Secondary packaging starts once the primary stage is over. This stage includes packing all the items to transport them to their destination.

This usually involves protective wrapping, keeping the goods and containers air-tight, and so on.

Both packing and packaging are co-dependent. Packaging starts only if the goods are packed. However, this is only related to the packaging industry.

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