What are the Benefits of Polyethylene Courier Satchels?

One of the biggest challenges of running an online or mail order business is shipping goods to your customers and ensuring that they actually arrive in a good condition.

Rain, split paper packaging, spillages, or thoughtless handling by the postage or delivery company can damage the goods that people order.

There have even been some instances of attempted theft or tampering by delivery companies. Courier satchels can help to prevent this.

What Are Courier Satchels?

Courier satchels and bags are made from polyethylene and use several layers of PE material to form a strong, protective layer.

They rely on strong and quick-sealing glue that helps to prevent tampering.  

There are several different kinds of mailing bags, including simple, economy-range bags that are much lighter than paper envelopes and that are handy for sending literature and marketing materials out to customers.

There are also heavier opaque goods bags that are good for sending lightweight mail order items.

For those who want to send bulkier items or items that are of a higher value, heavy duty courier sacks and security mailers are a good option.

Security mailers are usually 360 gauge, opaque (so people cannot guess what is inside), and feature a Tamper Evident Strip which acts as a deterrent to anyone who might want to look inside.

Some courier satchels are padded/bubble lined, to protect the contents of the envelope while keeping the weight of the package down.

These are popular when using a postal system that charges by weight, rather than by the size of the package.

Why Choose Courier Satchels?

Courier satchels and bags are useful for:

  • Mail order companies sending goods to customers

  • Pharmaceuticals companies

  • Advertising and direct marketing

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Sending financial information

  • Shipping photographs/books or other small items

  • Sending out promotional items or free samples while keeping the cost of postage low

Courier satchels tend to be stronger yet lighter than paper envelopes. Their tamper-resistant nature makes them a good option for shipping small items.

Due to their durability, you can be confident that the item will make it to the customer undamaged. These items are self-sealing, clean, and professional.

When you use a quality opaque polyethylene courier satchel, your customers benefit from discretion and privacy as not even the postman knows what is in the bag.

In addition, they can be confident that when the package arrives at their doorstep it has not been tampered with.

For a pharmaceuticals company, this can be an important measure.

They are also popular with publishing companies that send out magazine subscriptions.

This is because courier satchels that are more transparent allowing the recipient to see what they are getting immediately.

Therefore, this means that they have a better open rate than most conventional mailouts.

Many trade publications rely on advertisements, which means that they need to be able to show that they are being read by their subscribers in order to stay in business.

Attention to these little details can make all the difference to the success of a magazine or marketing campaign.

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