Why Are Courier Packaging Bags So Popular?

Courier bags have long been used by postal and shipping companies in the transportation of lightweight, non-delicate items and documents. 

Courier bags are known for their tamper-proof nature and are therefore preferred by individuals shipping delicate and confidential documents. 

These bags are made of an opaque LDPE or LLDPE material and are generally used as an overwrap for most shipping products. 

This way, they provide protection and assurance to those shipping that their packages will get to their destination untampered. 

However, these bags do not offer protection against impacts and are therefore not suited for delicate products.

What are the features of courier bags that make them popular among shipping companies? Here are some of those features:

  • Tamper-proof

  • Moisture/Water resistant

  • Durability

  • Ease of use

  • Ease of branding

1. Tamper-Proof

The security feature of these bags is what makes them a top choice for courier and shipping companies. 

These bags are fitted with adhesive flap closures, which are like permanent seals. 

Once closed, the contents in the courier bag can only be accessed by destroying the adhesive flap. 

This helps those receiving parcels and packages to tell whether there was any attempt to access the contents of the bag. 

The tamper-proof nature of the bags serve as a security feature and makes these bags popular among courier and shipping companies.

2. Moisture/ Water Resistant

Courier bags are used in transporting or shipping various packages, some of which include documents and tiny electronic components. 

With these packages maintaining their original form, it is virtually impossible to have them destroyed by water or moisture. 

The LDPE/LLDPE material used in the manufacture of these courier bags is a low-density polymer that resists the entry of moisture or water. 

This makes courier bags popular for transporting documents and other components even during winter.

3. Durability

The low-density polyethylene material used in the manufacture of courier bags also has features that help it to withstand harsh conditions. 

The material can withstand high temperatures and intense chemical conditions given its inert nature. 

This makes the bags appropriate for shipping and transporting products and other packages in any kind of environment and terrain since they are not easily destructible. 

This also makes them suitable for shipments that can take a long time while in transit.

4. Ease of Use

These bags do not require any skills for shipping and courier companies to use. 

When it comes to sealing the bag, the adhesive flap is protected using a special liner. 

All that is needed is to peel off the liner to expose the adhesive film and seal the bag. 

Once the bag is sealed, there’s no going back and therefore means that all components meant to be shipped together should be checked before sealing the bag. 

Further, these bags are recyclable, making them eco-friendly since they are not environmental pollutants.

5. Ease of Branding

Various courier and shipping companies find it necessary to brand their equipment and products for marketing purposes. 

As such, there’s a need to brand courier bags in a bid to market themselves to potential customers. 

The LDPE material used to make courier bags makes it easy for the bags to be branded using various printing technologies. 

Further, these bags are easy to write on for the purposes of labelling. 

This makes it easy for officials to indicate any important details on the surface of the bag for easier delivery.

In Summary

Courier bags are tamper-proof bags made of low-density polyethylene material. 

They are used in the shipping or transporting of non-delicate packages and documents through short and long distances. 

The tamper-proof nature, durability, moisture resistance, ease of use and branding are some of the features that make them popular among courier and shipping companies.

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