The Undiscovered Wonders of Mesh Bags

Looking for a versatile alternative for plastic zip-close bags? Then you should try mesh bags. These net-made pouches can not only serve as your everyday goods keeper, but can serve as your all-in-one daily helper as well. Once you start using mesh bags, you will be amazed at how many uses they have. It’s affordable yet very stylish and handy.

Life as we know it

oranges in a netting bag

Mesh Bags are made of nets. These nets are made of textile in which the yarns are fused, looped into intersections resulting in a fabric with open spaces between yarns. Depending on the type of yarn used to make up the textile, a mesh bag’s characteristic can vary from durable to not so durable. 

Bags are used for a number of reasons: to package items ready for sale; to protect products in transit and to keep items in the best possible condition until they are used or sold. Mesh bags are used for all three, as they are a handy way of keeping fruit and other large loose items together. They are strong and they also allow air to circulate, meaning that the contents do not get rotten. This is why they are commonly used in the fresh produce market.

Creative ways to make magic from mesh bags

1. Mesh bags make great dishwashing scrubbers because of their net friction.
2. Mesh Bags can be a great alternative and a new way to wrap your precious treasures.
3. Mesh bags make wonderful tutus for your little ballerinas.
4. Not only are mesh bags useful for adults, they can also be a way to add in small decorations for the kids’ playhouse like a doll’s hammock or ceiling dropouts.
5. Mix mesh bags with other materials like yarns to make colourful wigs.
6. Stretch the mesh over an old frame, staple it in place, and hang earrings from it for a stylish earring organiser.
7. You can even crochet with them. Make crochet table settings and doilies from the mesh.
8. Don’t throw away the little net bag that your garlic came in. Instead put all your little chips of soap inside, tie the ends and use it as an exfoliator. You won’t believe the amount of suds you will get out of your soap when using your new little bag.
9. Another use for the ‘mesh onion bags’ is for putting peanuts in and hanging on trees or the eaves of your home. Enjoy watching the chickadees and woodpeckers as they cling to the bags and eat away at the peanuts. 
10. Stretch mesh bag over an embroidery hoop to make an old fashioned sewing card. Give small hands old shoelaces, and watch them sew designs in the mesh.
11. Use mesh produce bags, especially the coloured ones, in place of lace for craft projects. It can be easily cut with scissors and adds texture without the expense of using lace.
12. To prevent flowers from flopping over, stretch mesh over a glass jar, and place stems in the holes.

Saving tricks for your mesh bags

1. Choosing the right size for your mesh bag will definitely make your life easier. A laundry bag is usually roomy enough to stash a week’s worth of dirty laundry. A lingerie bag, on the other hand, is a smaller bag made specifically for washing a few delicate items. Sports and equipment bags tend to be quite large, but you’ll find a variety of sizes and colours available.
2. Left on their own, socks and other small items can float to the top and work their way out of the washer tub and into the pump. Besides the annoyance of the disappearing act, this nasty trick can plug the pump and flood your laundry area. Use mesh bags to help stop this happening.
3. Use lingerie bags routinely for lingerie to avoid stretched straps, snags, and damaging other clothing with bra hooks. Clip a lingerie bag on or next to the laundry hamper so you can tuck things directly into the bag as you take them off.
4. Take out the hassle of sock and underwear sorting. Give individual bags to each member of the household, and have them put dirty socks and underwear directly into the bag. No more matching and sorting, ever again. Label names with permanent marker (check for a tag inside the bag) or buy mesh sport or equipment bags in various colours.
5. Use a mesh bag for stuffed animals and toys. A mesh bag protects them from excess friction, stretching, and tangling with other items in the wash.
6. Stick a mesh bag to the bathtub wall with suction cups to drain and store children’s tub toys.

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