What Are The Main Advantages Of Polyethylene Bags?

There are plenty of benefits from the use of polyethylene bags on the consumer and retailer/manufacturer front. 

This is despite the long-running and in many regards wrong perception that polyethylene bags and polyethylene packaging, in general, are environmentally unfriendly. 

This article will help you understand the benefits that polyethylene bags have to offer, including the environmental friendliness of this packaging material.

  • Polyethylene Bags Are Reusable 

  • Polyethylene Bags Are Inherently Robust And Durable

  • Plastic Bags Are Cost Effective

  • Plastic Bags Are Flexible And Adaptable To Different Kinds Of Needs

  • Polyethylene Bags Permit Printing Of Eye-Catching Designs

  • They Lightweight And Compact

Polyethylene Bags Are Reusable 

Plastic bags are highly versatile and robust resources. 

As such, they can be repurposed, reused, and or recycled yielding more utility than any other type of packaging. 

Importantly, with a high potential for repurposing, reusing, and recycling, plastic bags are environmentally friendly. 

Keep in mind that many plastic bag manufacturers have invested in the production of polyethylene bags optimised for reusing and recycling. 

Polyethylene Bags Are Inherently Robust And Durable

Polyethylene bags can withstand extreme and harsh environmental conditions such as cold and hot temperatures. 

Moreover, they are impermeable to water and can, therefore, withstand rain. Additionally, plastic bags are impervious to oxygen, reducing the oxidation. 

In a nutshell, plastic bags are the best packaging material when it comes to protecting goods against dust, water/moisture, odour, and light.

With regards to durability, these bags can last a long time owing to their hardy nature. 

As a packing material, they can last a very long time without deteriorating. 

Consequently, they can preserve the product inside it for a long time and keep it in very good condition. 

This allows manufacturers and retailers to avoid loss-causing wastage.

Plastic Bags Are Cost Effective

As a packaging material, plastic bags are very cost-effective, especially when purchased in bulk. 

This is a fact across the world and not just here in Australia. Globally, plastic bags tend to be at least 100% cheaper than paper bags. 

The cost advantage is even greater when you compare plastic bags to reusable cloth bags. 

For retailers and consumers, the relatively cheaper means of packaging bodes well for their costs.

Plastic Bags Are Flexible

Unlike paper and cloth bags, polyethylene bags are flexible and adaptable on a variety of fronts. 

For starters, they are flexible and adaptable with regards to their shape. Plastic bags can be formed into different shapes to fit and suit different goods. 

Their sizes can also be customised to meet the needs of users. Finally, the form factor is also customisable to suit a vendor’s brand.

Polyethylene Bags Are Easy To Brand

Plastic bags are much easier to brand other types of bags. 

With digital printing, plastic bag manufacturers can customise the colours and images plastered on the bags. 

As such, retailers create custom bags that emphasis branding. 

It is possible to do it all; whether you need subtle branding or eye-catching images and designs on your plastic bags.

They Are Lightweight And Compact

Plastic bags tend to be very thin and light. 

As such, they can require very little space for storage and they are relatively cheaper to transport than other types of bags. 

Being space efficient, plastic bags result in lower overhead costs and lower transport costs.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of benefits to enjoy from plastic bags. In fact, there are some packaging needs that can only be handled by plastic bags. 

For instance, if you need an airtight, impermeable, dustproof, and light packaging, you will struggle to find a better packaging material than a polyethylene bag

That said, you should note that these benefits can only be realised when you source your plastic bags from a reliable and reputable company.

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